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apl Apl, musician, DJ, dancer, native of the Philippines, formed (with Will.I.Am) the dance crew Tribal Nation. That group evolved into Atban Klann (A Tribe Beyond A Nation), and they signed a deal with Ruthless Records in 1992. Apl and Will later went on to form Black Eyed Peas with Taboo. Beyond his collaborations, Apl has worked to expand and develop his sound, always incorporating his trademark multicultural sounds, beats, and movement. On numerous occasions, the hip hop community has found Apl's vision difficult to accept, only to welcome and praise him later for being ahead of his time. To Apl, exploration of musical possibilities is far more important than promoting a name or style, and this commitment is what drove him to be part of Awaken. His contribution, "Futuristic Island" will further challenge and delight listeners who appreciate the beauty and power of his group and solo efforts.
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