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omid OmiD, also known in the LA underground hip-hop scene as "OD," produced and released the highly acclaimed hip-hop compilation Beneath the Surface in 1998. Among the album's many accolades were New York Times' #2 Independent Album of the Year and 5 stars from Muzik Magazine (UK). In 1999, OmiD produced Freestyle Fellowship's single "Can You Find The Level Of Difficulty In This?" which was one of Spin Magazine's top 20 singles of the year. OmiD has also produced a remix for the Beastie Boys Anthology DVD as well as scoring the independent film "Firecracker" by Victor Vu, which was shown on KCET/PBS in late May 2001. Says OmiD, "the chance to work in the surround sound medium was an amazing experience for me, opening new doors and inspiring new ideas for my music. I always wanted my music to have movement and depth, so 5.1 Surround is a dream come true."
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