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rabbit Rabbit in the Moon consists of Confucius and the Monk, who met up with the third member, Bunny, in the summer of 1992. The production duo, Confucius and the Monk, created some of the most emotional electronic music of the '90s. Along with original tracks, such as "Out of Body Experience" and "Deeper," they have produced remixes for artists, including Garbage, Orbital, and Smashing Pumpkins. They are most recognized for their remixes of Sarah McLachlan ("Fear" and "Possession") and Goldie ("Innercity Life") and continue to provide the music industry with emotional electronic soundscapes. One of the rare artists who are as compelling live as they are in the studio, Rabbit in the Moon was one of the most enthusiastic artists to participate in Awaken. They are currently working on their own full-length DVD release.
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